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Description (fin-blangk-ing) n. A hybrid metal forming process combining the technologies of stamping and cold extrusion. Triple-action presses combined with specially designed tooling produce parts impossible to make with any other stamping process.

Fineblanking is a unique metal forming process that is not widely understood in North America. Developed in Europe in the 1920's, its use is becoming more widespread as engineers discover the value fineblanking can provide in improving costs and improving quality in critical components.

Fineblanking, as a process, is a marriage of a very specific type of hydraulic press that has three motions and specially designed tooling. The combination of the fineblanking press with fineblanking tooling creates parts with fineblanking's hallmark fully sheared, straight cut edges. It also produces parts with small holes and thin web sections relative to material thickness, parts with excellent flatness, and parts that have very little dimensional variation from the first part through the millionth part and beyond.

In short, fineblanking is an extremely precise high volume manufacturing process. Depending on the functional and cosmetic requirements of any given metal component, it may be the most cost effective and/or the most repeatable manufacturing process for that component.

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