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Design Guide     "Coming Soon"

This section of the website is designed to provide you with specific information on the features of fineblanked parts. This information includes appropriate materials, dimensional capabilities and tolerances, surface condition of the parts, and geometric features that can be created.

The information contained here is by necessity general - "rules of thumb" - provided to give you a better understanding of the capabilities of the fineblanking process. This information can help you determine if a specific component is best made with the fineblanking process and help you to design parts with the inherent benefits that fineblanking provides.

In reality, all of the specific features and tolerances are dependent on the raw material chosen for the part and the technical capabilities of the company that is making the part for you. Fineblanking technology is expanding rapidly and many things are being accomplished today that were thought impossible just a few years ago.

The Design Guide Section is coming soon.
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